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Commercial Photography & Videography

Having served some of the biggest brands globally, our in-house photography and videography team belongs to the top experts worldwide. Entrust For The People for your commercial creative production needs.


Whether it be food, cosmetics, furniture or any other goods. Be it pack shots, moods, moving images or stills: Our colleagues offer full service photography and videography packages, or individually tailored packages specifically for your needs.

"Our passion is your biggest asset.

I am Liao, Wei-Kang. Head of Creative at For The People. Me and my team of highly skilled creative professionals are here to create the most bespoke stills, moving images and graphics for you and your business.

Photography, Videography and graphic design aren't jobs for us, these are art forms. We don't consider us client-pleasing folks that are here for the money, we consider ourselves artists. Every shot we take, every scene we shoot, every logo we design - all must be perfect for our heart to be content. It's the very reason we look back at our clients of the past and they are the biggest players world wide. But it's also the reason we are now concentrating on serving small to mid-sized companies, those we can truly help with the creatives we produce."

Wei Kang Liao, asian young man in front of Kyoto's red gates

Our references

Our global services

For The People is your full-service agency for online marketing, as well as creative assets production - world wide. Having served internationally acclaimed companies, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Phillipps, Uber, KFC, Kanebo, etc, our team of highly skilled professionals is versed in local, glocal and global brand needs.

In most markets, high quality creative content production has become unattainable for most small to mid-sized companies due to its high price points. But also major corporations have become sensitive to price points in their markets. It's the very reason clients are entrusting us with their needs world wide. Hiring our team to shoot on-location in distant countries has become cheaper than hiring local agencies. Even restaurants hire us to recreate their dishes and scenery at our studios in Taiwan and have their creatives produced by our team, as For The People offers real and fair pricing compared to our competitors.

But it's not just the value for money we offer, it's our bespoke services and high quality results we provide that lets us stand out from the crowd. Offering our services in English, German and Mandarin language, we are sure to provide you with best in market offerings and results - world wide.

Photo- & Videography Pricing (examples)

10 Product & Model Photos (9.000 EUR)

- White Background Studio-Shooting
- 1 Professional Model (You select from a pool of international models)

- Professional make-up & wardrobe
- 10 Photos

+ Includes post-editing
+ 1 feedback loop

+ Includes global buy-out

- Turnaround approximately 7 days

10 Product & Model Videos (16.000 EUR)

- White Background Studio-Shooting
- 1 Professional Model (You select from a pool of international models)

- Professional make-up & wardrobe
- 10 Videos (5-15 seconds each)

+ Includes post-editing
+ 1 feedback loop

+ Includes global buy-out

- Turnaround approximately 10 days

On-Location Photoshoot (9.000 EUR / day + transport)

- 1 Professional Photographer
- 1 Assisting Crew members

- 1 Hair & Make-up Crew members

- Full set of professional equipment

+ Includes post editing of 10 photos or 5 videos

+ Includes global buy-out

Post-editing (25 EUR / photo)

- Professional post-editing of photos

- Includes 1 feedback loop

More (up to 20% discount)

Make use of our full-service agency offerings in online marketing and creative assets production. Combine any service with another for additional savings!

Free Business Health Report!

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For The People is a true digital native & creative agency. Our services span the entire bandwidth of what is needed in a connected, digital and creative age. We specialise in small to medium-sized businesses, are affordable for everyone and enjoy working with our clients. We are happy to consult you and find the best solutions that match your business needs.

To get things started, make use of our FREE and non-obligatory Business Health Check. Enter your details below and receive a personalised PDF report of how your business is doing. Whether it's your website's health, your online marketing or social media. Our report covers more than 40 data points that are the foundation of any business.

We offer all services in tailored packages, cutting costs of the things you don't need.

We don't offer traditional pitches, which cost agencies more than the actual job.

All our staff work 100% remote. This cuts the cost of a fancy office.

We are senior professionals. This means we know exactly what we do and this in turn cuts the time it takes for us to finish a job.

We put our effort into our actual job instead of posting 3 times a day on LinkedIn & Co to tell the world how amazing we are.

So, how do we fare against services like fiverr, upward, freelance, bark, etc. you wonder? While our pricing is just as competitive as the fees of such services, For The People is actually vastly different to these kind of freelance marketplaces. We do not charge upfront and then deliver some mediocre results after you haven't heard from us for a week. We are top professionals and belong to the best of our class. No fresh graduates here! We are an agency, not a marketplace. Real people that you can rely on.

Our magic works:

Screenshot of Google Ads Analytics

211 EUR, 90 days and it's winter! This ice cream shop asked for the impossible, but we delivered! We set up their Google Ads account and created a clever bidding strategy. Target: Everyone who looks for an ice cream gets Google Maps directions served. With an average click cost of 13 Cents, we feel we did something quite brilliant here. We also wonder: How far down will we get the CPC once people actually want to eat ice cream?

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