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Online Marketing Services

For The People offers a wide variety of Online Marketing Services to suit your needs. From Search Marketing to Display Marketing, we have you and your business covered. Tap into For The People's expertise of over 14 years in the global online marketing landscape and profit from our team of professionals at prices you won't find at any other professional agency.

Read more on: Search Marketing, Recommendation Marketing & Display Marketing.

Search Marketing

Don't limit your search marketing to "just" Google Ads. While Google's suite of marketing products cover a vast part of people's search queries, vertical search engines and e-commerce pure players are often channels that play a major part in people's decision making.


At our agency For The People, we specialise in mapping out the entire search landscape to ensure your business is visible in all the right places: From market-leading general - and vertical search engines to e-commerce platform's search marketing products, we take a comprehensive approach that delivers real results.

Search Engine Marketing

Be it Paid Ads, or Search Engine Optimisation: Our Performance Marketing Team at For The People ensures your presence for the right search terms to the right customer at the right time.


We offer all-inclusive packages. Be fully hands-off!


We help you decide for the right strategy. Whether you want to increase awareness or convert into sales.


Search marketing is one of the most time consuming marketing efforts. Let us help you free your schedule.

Vertical Search Engine Marketing

Vertical Search Engines are often used when people near their decision making. Highly competitive industries employ vertical search engine marketing in combination with general search marketing strategies to ensure visibility.


Whether you offer a niche product or a highly competitive product: We make sure your business is catalogued with your industry's top vertical search engines!


Our performance marketers will ensure your appearance with the relevant audience to maximise your conversion efforts.

E-Commerce Pure Player Search

Pure Players, such as Amazon, Shopee or Lazada are considered the world's second largest search engine market. Depending on product type, potential customers research these market places for reviews, price comparison or detailed product descriptions.​ Pure Players are aware of this behaviour and have long turned their search bars into marketing tools.


We take care of your products' listings, as well as marketing on chosen pure player's market places.


Through strategic placements of ads and a well crafted strategy of keywords, we ensure your products are top of mind during your customers' decision making. 

Our expertise combined with Artificial Intelligence is your advantage.

As an online marketing agency, we harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge our search engine paid ads. AI algorithms analyse vast amounts of data to identify intent signals. These signals help us hyper-target our paid media campaigns, ensuring that we deliver highly relevant ads to the right audiences. AI allows us to create dynamic ads that adapt in real-time based on user context.

AI algorithms continuously monitor bid performance and adjust bids based on real-time data. This optimisation ensures that we maximize ROI by bidding the right amount for each keyword or audience segment. By analyzing historical data, we can anticipate shifts in demand, seasonality, or market dynamics. This foresight allows us to allocate budgets effectively and stay ahead of the curve. AI automates A/B testing It identifies winning combinations and allocates budget to the most effective ads.  
AI analyses user profiles, behaviour, and demographics to create precise audience segments.

We can then tailor our ads to specific groups, ensuring that the right message reaches the right people at the right time.

In summary, our agency leverages AI to enhance every aspect of our search engine paid ads. From targeting and personalisation to bid management and predictive analytics, AI empowers us to deliver exceptional results for our clients

Search Marketing Pricing

Google Ads Basic (59 EUR)

- 3 Campaigns
- 2 Ads each
- 6 Extensions

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

Google Ads Standard (319 EUR)

- 3 Campaigns
- 2 Ads each
- 6 Extensions

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

+ 2 Weeks monitoring & optimisation

+ End of Campaign Report

Google Ads Premium (519 EUR)

- 3 Campaigns
- 2 Ads each
- 6 Extensions

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

+ 4 Weeks monitoring & optimisation

+ End of Campaign Report

Google Ads Add-ons (39 EUR / hour)

- Account setup
- Business manager setup & management
- Shopping feed setup & management

- Location setup & management

- etc.


- Vertical Search Engines
- E-Commerce Pure Player Search Marketing

- etc

Our references

Recommendation Marketing

Recommendation Marketing is as old as humanity and yet only recently have brands started to leverage the perhaps strongest currency in the world. No matter how strong all other marketing channels are played at your company, if customers aren't recommending you - or worse - negatively criticising you and your product / service, then most other marketing efforts won't hold stand.

As recommendation marketing is a cross functional subject at For The People, our multiple teams across the different marketing disciplines will bundle their know-how and support you and your brand with its Recommendation Marketing.

📮 Stimulate.
Our marketers create campaign strategies for your brand to stimulate recommendations.

🎈 Moderate.
We will help you moderate recommendations, react and engage with the authors.

🚨 Use.
Make use of your newly garnered recommendations. So-called "social proof" ads are the best method to leverage on your brands strongest currency.

Recommendation Marketing Pricing

Google Maps Boost (1.999 EUR)

- Tailored campaign to attract organic Google Maps Reviews for your business

- Approximately 100 - 300 reviews

- Runs 1 month

+ End of Campaign Report

App Install & Ratings (490 EUR)

- Tailored campaign to attract organic iOS and / or Android App installs and reviews for your app

- Approximately 60 - 200 installs and reviews

- Runs 1 week

+ End of Campaign Report

Trustpilot Reviews (490 EUR)

- Tailored campaign to attract organic Trustpilot Reviews for your business

- Approximately 50 reviews

- Runs 1 week

+ End of Campaign Report

More (ab 200 EUR)

Tailored campaigns for almost any review website.

+ Real reviews, never bots!

+ We stimulate user to review your product or service, we do not "buy" reviews!

+ End of Campaign Report

Social Proof Ads (49 EUR / Kampagne)

- Use your ratings and feedback in so-called social proof ads.

- This package can be bought as add-on to your Recommendation Marketing Campaign.

+ Includes setup of campaign (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads)

+ Copy, Image & Budget suggestions

Red Outfit in front of black background

Display Ads

With today's lack of attention span, a limited pool of data points and an ever-growing competition between advertisers, creative assets truly are the no. 1 most important part to your marketing strategy. Whether they are scroll-stoppers, eye-pleasers or attention hooks, truly creative and striking visuals are best used in Display Ads. With a team of creative production professionals and the support of Articifical Intelligence, we combine industry leading placements with the best in creatives. This form of advertisement uses a vast set of data points, but ensures that the imagery of your marketing material is center-stage.


Our team of industry experts offer you a one-stop product for best-in-class Display Advertisement. From concept and production of the creative to strategy of placement and targeting. For The People ensures your brand is seen and never forgotten.

Display Marketing Pricing (examples)

Google Display Ads Basic (29 EUR)

- 1 Campaign
- 1 Set of dynamic assets

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

Google Display Ads Standard (159 EUR)

- 1 Campaign
- 1 Set of dynamic assets

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

+ 2 Weeks monitoring & optimisation

+ End of Campaign Report

Google Display Ads Premium (259 EUR)

- 1 Campaign
- 1 Set of dynamic assets

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

+ 4 Weeks monitoring & optimisation

+ End of Campaign Report

Premium Display Ads (399 EUR)

- Publisher Suggestions
- Price Negotiations with 2 Networks

- Copy, Creative & Budget suggestions

- Booking & Setup

+ 2 Weeks monitoring

+ End of Campaign Report

More (up to 20% discount)

As add-ons to your display ads, book the production of your creatives with us. From photography and graphic design to your banner's layout. Save with our discount when booking multiple services.

Free Business Health Report!

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For The People is a true digital native & creative agency. Our services span the entire bandwidth of what is needed in a connected, digital and creative age. We specialise in small to medium-sized businesses, are affordable for everyone and enjoy working with our clients. We are happy to consult you and find the best solutions that match your business needs.

To get things started, make use of our FREE and non-obligatory Business Health Check. Enter your details below and receive a personalised PDF report of how your business is doing. Whether it's your website's health, your online marketing or social media. Our report covers more than 40 data points that are the foundation of any business.

We offer all services in tailored packages, cutting costs of the things you don't need.

We don't offer traditional pitches, which cost agencies more than the actual job.

All our staff work 100% remote. This cuts the cost of a fancy office.

We are senior professionals. This means we know exactly what we do and this in turn cuts the time it takes for us to finish a job.

We put our effort into our actual job instead of posting 3 times a day on LinkedIn & Co to tell the world how amazing we are.

So, how do we fare against services like fiverr, upward, freelance, bark, etc. you wonder? While our pricing is just as competitive as the fees of such services, For The People is actually vastly different to these kind of freelance marketplaces. We do not charge upfront and then deliver some mediocre results after you haven't heard from us for a week. We are top professionals and belong to the best of our class. No fresh graduates here! We are an agency, not a marketplace. Real people that you can rely on.

Our magic works:

Screenshot of Google Ads Analytics

211 EUR, 90 days and it's winter! This ice cream shop asked for the impossible, but we delivered! We set up their Google Ads account and created a clever bidding strategy. Target: Everyone who looks for an ice cream gets Google Maps directions served. With an average click cost of 13 Cents, we feel we did something quite brilliant here. We also wonder: How far down will we get the CPC once people actually want to eat ice cream?

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